Sunday, 1 January 2012

I'm going to spend money...

I know I shouldn't,
But I'm going to Lush on the way back from work, and if it's open, I am going to buy a skin care regime. Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer...and maybe a bubble bar. And a mask. And I am going to have a spa-day tomorrow. And it's going to be AWESOME. I am going to drag myself out of the house in the morning to go to the salvos store and price fridges, and hopefully buy one. Then to Broadway, where I shall get my nails done (white or pale dove grey/mauve), and see if miss Jeannie is working. And if I've purchased a fridge I shall also purchase dinner fixings.
When I return I shall speak to the building managers about internet connections, and get the numbers again to call and connect gas and electricity (before we get cut off!) Then while having lunch I shall make some phone calls pertaining to having internet, gas and electricity connected. Hopefully by the conclusion of the week we shall have internet, fridge, power sources all sorted and can get on with Life.
I can't wait to cook a proper meal, and save the left overs, and buy stuff and have it keep. I'm going to buy a case of drink and store it in a cupcoard, and always have six cans cooling in the minibar!
I know I shouldn't spend money in Lush...but Richard is always telling me to invest in myself. And then in a few days I think I'll drop in at the doctorbs for a (hopefully bulk billed) appointment to sort out some things of the 'lets not get pregnant right now' kind.
And once internet is connected I am going to start job hunting in earnest again and again. I'm talking ten jobs a day, hardcore getting my job on. I want fulltime cash to enjoy!

I'll post my NY resolutions soon too. Yay!

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