Monday, 19 November 2012

Everything is coming up rosy

So things are looking rather up. 
Not to jinx myself or anything, but I'm kind of coasting right now. Do you ever get the feeling that you're on the verge of something interesting? Not when you know everything will go your way, but when you know that things are going to change...and it's going to be big.

I love this feeling. The only other times in my life I've been in this position, I was sort of not in the right mindset to embrace it. Now? Bring on the change. I've kind of learnt that every single thing I'm used to can fall apart, and I'll be fine. I've got all kinds of fall backs, and even if I didn't, I've got the strength now to pick up the pieces.

I'm enrolled to go back to uni next year, at a really cool campus, and in a really cool course.I'm studying to become a speech pathologist. Which is super cool, because it's a helping-people-and-doing-good kind of job. Even the days it sucks, at least I'll know I'm contributing in a very direct, tangible way to bettering people's lives. It's also an industry that is experience massive growth, a huge shortage in pathologists and a massive demand. The option to work in public or private health, to run my own practice, to work with the wealthy and charge lots, or to work for next to nothing in a community that needs the help. I can do this work all over the world, and I can earn as much, or as little as I want, and work as much or as little as I want. I'm pretty excited.

I'm also moving house in less than two months. We've been looking at little run-down rentals by the beach. We're going to downsize, ostensibly so I have less financial pressure on my while I cut back work hours to study, and so we have a better chance of saving some money to travel with. 

I've also got a shiny new job. Also with a major florist company, but this time the environments couldn't be more different. Have you ever been in a really horrible situation - a job, a relationship, a friendship, whatever - and it wasn't until you actually got out of it and into something functional and sane that you realised exactly how effed-up it was? Thats how I feel about my last workplace. I knew I wasn't happy, I knew that some of the people I was working with were toxic, but it wasn't until I started working in this lovely office, with sweet, funny people who want to help. In a company that isn't run entirely on someone's ego, and that has actual policies and supports in place, where my boss talks and listens, and doesn't shout, gaslight, verbally abuse and throw temper tantrums - often when he's the one at fault. It should be a given, but I'm still amazed every time someone acts like a decent human being in this office...the contrast couldn't be greater between it and the last company. 
I've got not a damn thing to complain about at this new place, and I'm so excited by that.

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