Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Wish List

The Car:

Everyone has those things that will mean they've made it. Or, if you're me, theres the things that means you've made it in real terms, and things that mean you've made it in crazy celebrity terms. One of those things for me is the wheels. You know you've made it when you close the deal on your dream car, or if your're really super lucky on your super-fantasy car.

So heres my current fantasy cars. When I drive one of these off a showroom floor or a carlot, I'll know I've made it.

A black lincoln continental - super shiny, blacked out windows and dropped low on it's wheels. Oh and those are suicide doors too. This car isn't for everyone, but its got some serious OG cred about it. Would be comfy as hell to cruise in and I can just picture how powerful it would look on the streets of all my favorite cities. A car this big would be an absolute pain in be-hind to park...but thats a downside I'm willing to live with.  When I own this car it's going to be all black leather inside, with  a pretty, curly 'R' monogramed into the headrests. The same R will be engraved into the chrome on the door handle, and into the rims. I'd also like it painted in silver really small on the back end people would know it's mine from the street. I'm vain like that.

A cranberry red 911 Porsche. So pretty, and little and sexy. Good for zipping around teeny streets in Italy, and picking up boys in Miami. Yep, this car is cute as hell. I want


  1. just wanted to tell you your two comments made. my. flipping. day.

    you're a good writer. these words feel like a conversation, and that's my favorite kind of writing. i like it very much.

    {i am a writer, so i use words like like and good and very, apparently! oy. it's been a rough week. sorry! xoxo}

  2. You have no idea what a compliment this is coming from you. I love love love the way you write.
    It's so nice to be recognised by someone you like back!

    I'm glad I could cheer you up a little. I'd just be returning the favour for all the times I scrolled through your lovely photos to cheer me up when I was working at a crappy, yucky job!

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