Thursday, 29 December 2011

I've just discovered that I can blog from work. Of all the many many websites blocked on the work tills, blogger has slipped through the cracks. Meaning not only can I waste time browsing other people's blogs with the glorious 'next' button, but I can put some time in on my own.

I'm afraid that my creativity is not really at it's best at work though, so I don't know how quality these posts will be.

Also I can't add photos...unless you're interested in the current visual merchandising communication photos ...

I'm so hungry right now. I'm working one of those odd shifts that don't let you have time to have lunch before hand, and also dont give you a break, so I'm starving, and here for another three hours...maybe 2 hours if everyone else shuts at 5pm rather than 6pm. It's Mr Richard's birthday today, so if I can get out of here early and make it to the Cupcake Bakery beforen they close up, I'm going to take him home a wee cake. And I'm making us spaghetti for dinner, with whatever I can find at the George/Park street Woolworths. Ugh. I need to get a credit card, and I need to buy a fridge. Thats right, I have no fridge.

Honestly, I promise more heartfelt, considered and poignant blogs one day soon. fingers crossed I have some adventures to write about soon.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

gym, sauna, pool spa

I'm closing the store early (with the manager's blessings...or rather the advice to "play it by ear" this evening. And my ear predicts that we will close at 8pm, not 9pm tonight.) so that I can head back to the apartment I've now spent 2 nights in, moved and assembled an ungodly amount of furniture into, and in which I have no internet connection.

I'm so eager to get back there because this apartment comes with access to a gym, pool, spa and sauna, and I am yet to try out any of them, despite being super keen to get into the gym. I'm terribly terribly out of shape, unfit, blob like and generally have the physique of an old, fat woman. This is not ok. Consider today to be a turn around for me. Curbing my habits for fast food and snack food, and my lack of physical activity in the last year or so. It's time to claw my health back bit by bit, get some self confidence back, be able to buy clothes I love and feel great in them...and make those people who were awful to me this year green with envy at my awesomeness.

So my plan is as follows:

Set fitness goals for the next month, broken down into weeks, then sessions. Focusing on strenght, flexibility and endurance.

It takes 21 days to change a habit, so my habit for the next 21 days is to go to the gym every day. Even if it's just 20 minutes walking on the treadmill or on the bike, the point is not to push too hard, but to make going every day a habit, and prove to myself that its easy to find half an hour to squeeze in a quick visit, and knowing me, once I'm there, I'll probably stay for longer.

The eating side is going to be a problem, because I currently have no fridge (so frustrating), no kettle and no microwave, so I'm very limited in what I can keep and cook. It's like stuff that needs oven cooking is usually refridgerated or frozen, but stuff that lives in the cupboard needs a kettle or microwave to cook... So my only food goal is to not go to maccas. Which is hard, because Richard is away and its frustrating to cook for one. (if I even find anything to cook). But maccas is a habit right now that needs to go. So whatever other choices I make in the next three weeks, maccas wont be one of them. My logic is that i'm not overhauling all at once, but setting myself up to change habits for the better, and if I keep doing that, eventually all my less healthy habits will slowly change and I'll be on the right track.

As for weightloss, this week I'm solely focused on what I shall call  'base habits'. Which are changes that will not necessarily bring about an immediate positive result (for example, going to the gym every day does not necessarily mean I'll use my time effectively, and giving up maccas doesnt mean I wont eat some other fast food in its place) but sets up the basis to make continued changes that will reap rewards. For example, once I know I can get myself into the gym every day, rain hail or shine, it will be easier to fine tune my time there to get the best weightloss results, to push myself once I'm there to achieve fitness goals and therefore get the rewards. And giving up maccas sets me up to avoid that easy fix that I keep going to, which is the first step in eliminating more of those easy fixes, and also in replacing them with something more in line with my goals. In week one, I might not go to maccas, and most days I might replace that fix with chips or something like that, but one day I might cook instead. The next week, more cooking etc etc. In three months time, I might be firmly in the habit of cooking or odering 'healthy options' and fast food wont be on my radar regularly at all, and that sets up a foundation to then tweak my cooking to be more health concious.

By not forcing me to go from greasy, easy fast food to boiled greens, and sedentary on the couch to training for a marathon in one big leap, I think I'm more likely to stick to it. And by rewarding myself psychologically for making changes in the right direction, I'm going to get there eventually. Plus I wont beat myself up, because I'll make it easier to stick to my 21 day goals by making them stepping stones.

Sorry for a slightly boring health kick style post. I'll press publish and start writing something more interesting, promise.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Girlie Drama and Picking a Path

So last night I had a long-ass convo with Mr Richard, all about the fact that my life lacks direction.Which it does.  The abridged version of the story goes: I went into a tailspin the year I finished school, probably because of the death of someone very close to me during the final exams. So I went straight to uni and did stuff I hated, change degrees, hated it even more, then finally settled on a Bachelor of Commerce. Which I didn't hate, but I hated not having money or work in the tiny town I was living in. So I ran away to Sydney and got a mildly entertaining retail job for the last year...and have done nothing worthwhile since. And now I'm feeling like I'm falling behind, I'm enrolling back at uni. Which is scary, because it means more travelling, less money, potentially biting off more than I can chew...but it's cool. I doubt I would have done it without Richard's support. He's ambitious, and he brings out that side of me.
I was going to tell you all about my hideous girl drama (I thought the cattiness stopped after highschool. How depressing to learn women never grow out of it), however I have to get up at 5am tomorrow, and I'm currently exhausted so I'm thinking we'll just leave it on the happy 'yay, uni!' note for now. It's probably better not to dwell on them and their fuckery anyway. Excuse the language. I promise I won't say bad words too much. Here's some prettiness to combat the swear-y-ness.

 Well...not exactly 'pretty', but dont they just draw you in? The above are a selection of abandoned sites...and one very cool demolition site. Love the coloured walls it exposes.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Coming down of a travel high

That's really why I'm starting this blog I guess. To counteract my general dissatisfaction with everything right now, which has less to do with actual shortcomings in my life and more to do with the fact that a week ago I was getting tattooed in a Harlem walk up, and today I'm crashing in my mother's spare room. Just to clear that last sentence up, I don't live at home usually. I pride myself in having struck out on my own already, this is just a temporary lay over while I house hunt and get some cash rolling (or trickling, as the case may be) back in. Another clarification - the tattoo is of a bee. Hence the travelling bee title. It's a work in progress (the title, not the tattoo). I sat down to write this and was struck by a lack of name-related inspiration. I'm hoping it'll either grow on me, or I'll one day be struck by a truly apt name and change it, so try not to judge.
That's the inky bee, all the way from 125th Street, Harlem New York. It's only a day old there so it's a bit puffy and red still. If you likes it, or you fancy dropping in to visit them (they're good fun, I should post about them sometime) you can find them here at Harlem Hype

So as I mentioned, as of this moment I am technically homeless. There's a charming man named Richard (picture him in your head now - I guarantee you he looks nothing like what you just imagined. I'll include a picture sometime to prove it) who is currently travelling interstate for work, but whom  shall be cohabiting a new apartment with in the near future. It occurred to me that you might like the real estate listings for our current short list, and then it also occurred to me that then you'd all know exactly where I lived, and a girl needs to keep a little mystery about her sometimes (good girls don't give it up on the first blog post). The house hunt has thrown up some completely trivial disagreements between our respective tastes, which I find fascinating. While floor coverings is something I'm happy to compromise on (I love hardwood, don't much like carpet in living areas, he hates floorboards, loves carpet...his explanation being that he wants to be able to lay on the floor. Very odd) and distance from the city is something he's happy to compromise on (He'd rather be in a housing estate with a gate and an intercom, I want my city fringe pad, and don't care if it comes with a side order of dodgy crack house down the block) it makes you wonder what would happen if we ever came to a total road block where neither of us would back down. I dread the day babies come into serious discussion, and it's going to be a major adjustment for me taking him into consideration when making life decisions. In fact, lets change the subject, and look at some shiny shiny interiors that both make my heart melt with i-want-ness, and make Mr Richard roll his eyes in disdain.

Of the first two images, I just have to say; peeling plaster makes me swoon. Very little excites me as much as derelict buildings. I doubt Mr Richard would very much approve of me indulging that particular quirk when searching for our new place.

More soon my dears, I have so many photos I want to share!