Tuesday, 10 January 2012

On being a good friend.

So, with all my introspective ramblings about bettering my life, losing weight, earning money and avoiding the bitches, I've become so self involved that I didn't know a dear dear friend of mine had been admitted into a rehabilitation centre for her eating disorder, the centre had shut down and that she was now back at home and backsliding rapidly. She's looking into going to another centre.

I feel honestly sick to my stomache with guilt that I haven't been there for her. That I let my own stuff get in the way of being a good friend. Thats not how I want to be. Its not how I used to be. And for fucksakes! It's not even about me. It's about her. When did I get so selfish?

Consider this me turning over a new leaf. And making it my mission to help my lovely friend, who is vibrant and beautiful and talented and awe-inspiring. She's just forgotten it, that's all.

And also, FUCK whoever it was that made fun of her about her breasts, fuck the bitchy dancer girls that made her life harder. anyone who was cruel to her - when she was never cruel a day in her life - deserves a world of hurt, and I'm so angry I might just track them all down and inflict it myself, after giving myself a good solid punch in the arm for not doing it sooner.

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