Thursday, 5 July 2012

Last years adventure part 1: San Francisco

 I don't know recall ahow much I've told you about my Big USA Adventure.
It consisted of San Francisco, New Orleans, Miami and New York. In that order. 

San Francisco wasn't on the original agenda. LA was, but people kept warning me against LA, the hotels I looked at there were so exxy the weekend I flew in, so I decided last minute to bypass LA and go straight to San Francisco, a city so many people raved about.

It turned out to be the perfect choice. The achitecture in Frisco is adorable! The houses are these whimsical dolls houses in gelato colours. I'm also slightly enamoured with fire escapes on the outsides of buildings (they just dont exist here!) and San Fran is full of them.

 The first night I arrived I went wandering. I was staying on Lombard Street, so all around my hotel were gourmet cheese shops, dog groomers and pretty antique shops. Total love. I stayed in three different hotels, in three different parts of the city, went to China town, and the italian food/strip club area, to a bar you needed a password to get into that looks like a library, and where the drinks are super strong and mixed by dapper gents in hats...and the coolest part (and I'm setting myself up for a bit nerd ribbing now) was the nature museum!
 Entry into the museum's exhibits is by raised walkway above a series of manmade swamps, rockpools and rivers. At one point  I was walking over glass with a stingray swimming along underneath me
 The museums draw card is a four story, man made, indoor rainforest, with a spiraling walkway all the way to the top, and a deep pool at the bottom full of fish and oceany creatures. The natural levels of the forest are explaind as you ascend, with each layer's plants and animal life explained so you know what to look for.
 The whole place is full of pretty little birds, two austere macaws and when you reach the very top, you find yourself literally surrounded by swirling butterflies!
 I should mention at this point that my Iphone had a lot of photos on it too, but that it was lost before I could back it up, so these are the best of what I could take with an ailing old normal camera.

 photographing butterflies isn't easy! This one just wanted to hang out though.


I'm busy trying to search for a passion to pursue still. I'm changeable and I get bored easily, but when I'm passionate I'm unstoppable.

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