Sunday, 22 January 2012

I start at my new job tomorrow, in the office of a big florist chain in the city. Mucho excited, obviously, and feel the need to post some flowery inspiration. and the Boy, just got back from a wedding out in the country, in a little town called Milthorp, about four hours away from Sydney. It was super lovely, except maybe for the senile minister who forgot his glasses, but pretended he could read anyway, forgot the bride's name briefly and dropped the rings. The couple made paper origami flowers. So beautiful, and the bride wore a white and purple dress, and hot pink shoes.

I love it when men cry at weddings, and the father of the groom made his daugher and his new daughter in law cry too. My 80 year old grandparents joined the dancefloor, and my little sister caught the bouquet. She sent a text to her boyfriends to tell him she caught it, so she was the next to get married, and his reply was "cool, who are you marrying?". I don't think he's keen?

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