Thursday, 29 December 2011

I've just discovered that I can blog from work. Of all the many many websites blocked on the work tills, blogger has slipped through the cracks. Meaning not only can I waste time browsing other people's blogs with the glorious 'next' button, but I can put some time in on my own.

I'm afraid that my creativity is not really at it's best at work though, so I don't know how quality these posts will be.

Also I can't add photos...unless you're interested in the current visual merchandising communication photos ...

I'm so hungry right now. I'm working one of those odd shifts that don't let you have time to have lunch before hand, and also dont give you a break, so I'm starving, and here for another three hours...maybe 2 hours if everyone else shuts at 5pm rather than 6pm. It's Mr Richard's birthday today, so if I can get out of here early and make it to the Cupcake Bakery beforen they close up, I'm going to take him home a wee cake. And I'm making us spaghetti for dinner, with whatever I can find at the George/Park street Woolworths. Ugh. I need to get a credit card, and I need to buy a fridge. Thats right, I have no fridge.

Honestly, I promise more heartfelt, considered and poignant blogs one day soon. fingers crossed I have some adventures to write about soon.

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