Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pretty Little Updates

A teensy little update on whats been going on since I went on hiatus. 
Work  was a little crazy - Secretary's Day and Mothers Day in the same fortnight mean big bucks for the flower people, and lots of our corporate clients have been gearing up for conferences and EOFY parties.

I managed to bail out on them for a week to go to Fiji for the wedding of a darling friend. Apart from a cabbie calling me fat on the way back to the airport it was blissful. My baby sister broke up with her high school schmuck boyfriend before we left so she arranged photographic evidence of her cuddling a hot Fijian fire dancer as a big facebook f-you to the ex. I like her style. There's nothing more intimidating to an ex boyfriend than his girlfriend moving on with someone blacker than he is. Because he *knows* she's comparing them, and he suspects that if the rumours are true, he wont quite hold his own in the size department.

My darlingest Tilda...and I don't remember his name but he twirls fire and sings for a living.

Darlingest miss Tilda and my fabulous mother, Kate acting like fools in the bathroom of the international departures lounge and Sydney's Kingsford Smith airport. 

ALSO I'm on Pinterest now! Check me and my awesomeness out at http://pinterest.com/elodierose/

And thank you to everyone who has been kind. I've been a wreck lately, and a bit useless about returning messages, writing, catching up etc. I think I'm a bit back now, and I'll try harder. Promise

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