Monday, 5 December 2011

Girlie Drama and Picking a Path

So last night I had a long-ass convo with Mr Richard, all about the fact that my life lacks direction.Which it does.  The abridged version of the story goes: I went into a tailspin the year I finished school, probably because of the death of someone very close to me during the final exams. So I went straight to uni and did stuff I hated, change degrees, hated it even more, then finally settled on a Bachelor of Commerce. Which I didn't hate, but I hated not having money or work in the tiny town I was living in. So I ran away to Sydney and got a mildly entertaining retail job for the last year...and have done nothing worthwhile since. And now I'm feeling like I'm falling behind, I'm enrolling back at uni. Which is scary, because it means more travelling, less money, potentially biting off more than I can chew...but it's cool. I doubt I would have done it without Richard's support. He's ambitious, and he brings out that side of me.
I was going to tell you all about my hideous girl drama (I thought the cattiness stopped after highschool. How depressing to learn women never grow out of it), however I have to get up at 5am tomorrow, and I'm currently exhausted so I'm thinking we'll just leave it on the happy 'yay, uni!' note for now. It's probably better not to dwell on them and their fuckery anyway. Excuse the language. I promise I won't say bad words too much. Here's some prettiness to combat the swear-y-ness.

 Well...not exactly 'pretty', but dont they just draw you in? The above are a selection of abandoned sites...and one very cool demolition site. Love the coloured walls it exposes.

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