Sunday, 3 August 2014

Eaten By Cheetas

Now that me and my little sister are all grown up and earning our own money, my mum has taken to giving us 'experience' gifts rather than 'stuff' gifts. for birthday and Christmas. Last Christmas my little sister got a sky diving gift voucher, and knowing me as well as she does, my mum skipped the jumping out of planes caper and instead got me a double pass to MEET A CHEETAH!

She actually rang R before she got it for me, because she wanted to make sure he was comfortable going with me so I wouldn't have to go to Canberra on my own.

It was actually really surreal walking into a cage with a pair of huge wildcats. It poured the entire day so instead of sitting out in the open with the cheetahs, we all huddled in under their little shelter while they napped.

So without further delay, here are some adorable cheetah photos full of adorableness.

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