Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I think I might be having a baby

Yep. You heard it here first.
Before friends, family, baby daddy.

This is unconfirmed info. But I know.

I'm late, I'm queasey. I just know. Intuition or something maybe.

So I'm oddly calm maybe because i haven't told anyone so I dont have to actually make any plans yet. I'm sure I'll start freaking out soon.

But really, as petrified as I am, the decision is a no brainer. We're together as a couple, we have a stable place to live (although I had kind of hoped to have a backyard by the time I had a baby), we both have jobs, and while our saving are pretty miniscule right now, we have a few months to save up. I also have a hugely supportive family who will help me out as much as I need. I've got it luckier than lots of expectant mothers. I've even got a few girlfriends who already have kids...some of them have two now! There will be no shortage of advice from my mummy and my aunty I'm sure.

God I'm scared.
This is the biggest, scariest, most permanent commitment I'll ever make.

But funnily enough, all I want to do is pick baby names.


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