Sunday, 20 July 2014

Happy Makers

I'm someone who, after a string of very sad experiences a few years ago, developed some pretty poor coping strategies. I tend to get knocked down way more easily than I used to and it tales me longer to drag myself out of a low mood. I've developed this ineffective strategy of completely retreating from life when it gets a bit rough. I cocoon myself at home, with lots comforting (read: heavy and greasy) food, wear baggy, ugly clothes, avoid socializing and switch my brain off by watching mindless, trashy TV. Which would be fine if this was a very occasional pity party in an otherwise healthy lifestyle, but in my case it's an every-weekend and some weekdays coping thing. And it's doing me no favours. I've come to realize recently that there will always be stressors in my life - either big or small - and that I need to develop better ways to pick myself, dust myself off and keep it moving.

So I've made a few changes lately and I'm looking for little slices of happiness to replace the safety blankets I'm letting go of. So maybe this will be a bit of a weekly thing? Though next time lets skip the back (sob)story and get straight to the good stuff.

And so, this week's happy makers:

These goats riding ponies
Sunday brunch at Hoochie Mamma Cafe with a very gorgeous friend. Photo from Kid Size Living  because the food was so yummy I didn't think to capture it for hipster Instagram posterity. 

 This pretty warehouse graffiti on a rainy day

 These foals playing in a damn

 This obscene re-arrangement of files in Ikea. 

 This little unicorn, made by a 3D printer while my mum's preschoolers watched on in amazement. Technology is kind of cool sometimes.

 Philomena, who belongs to my recently resigned boss, and who came to work with him sometimes. Look at that wee face!

 This baby sister who is allllll the way on the other side of the world having the adventure of a lifetime.

 This wee bird, that taught me I can make something lovely all by myself if I put my mind to it.

These pretty notebooks and pens from Target and my lovely new office (which I will post on at some point). The little gold globe is from the Oxfam shop, pens, jar and to-do list from Kikki.K. Nail polish by Sally Hansen and bangles from Lovisa Jewellery.

 Manicures from the last few weeks (plus one throwback from last year). Orange, pink with glitter and very dark blue are all by OPI, mauve is by Sally Hansen (see link above) and the candy-wraps are by Elegant Tough
This apartment full of flowers. Despite working all week at a florist, I still spent by Saturday morning at the flower markets, buying up cheap bunches of roses and then spent the afternoon filling vases with them. on the left, a vintage crystal jug gifted by my grandmother, on the right, blue bud vases from Ikea, and the straightener next to them is a limited edition GHD straightener.

This blast from the past. Napoleon and Lafayette from The Aristocats - which is an awesomely underrated movie. I don't know why there is a bloodhound and a basset hound living in the French countryside with deep Southern American accents, but they're adorable. 

So have you smiled at all? It certainly cheered me up
If you need a little more prettiness to get you through the week ahead, there's more on my Pinterest.

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